What it’s like to work as a female engineer for Ford.


The Ford Next-Gen Ranger stood out for Pritika, and why? “I would answer in two parts, for me it’s the brain and the heart,” she said.

“The engineer in me loves to dive in and solve technical problems and I’m really proud of these technical accomplishments. “

“From the heart side, I really care about delivering to our customers, when you talk to customers it makes it real and it’s even more important to deliver what you say you will do”,

“I am so proud to be part of a team that has focused on creating a vehicle that our customers can count on. “

“Our customers tell us that the current Ranger model, one of its real strengths is that it is really versatile, the Next-Gen takes that versatility even further.”

Pritika explains how it really helps the Aussie tackle work, family and play. “It can be a workhorse, it can be a family car, or you can take it for a serious off-roader.

“Besides being each of these things, it can also be all of these things.

“It looks good, and it is feels Well; it’s tough, it’s high-tech, it’s tough on the road. It’s a truck, but when you get inside, you realize that it’s also a passenger car.

“The sensors and the 360-degree camera make parking even easier. “

Along with high tech features like a built-in modem and touchscreen, another feature Pritika was proud to share that makes it even more accessible to all customers across Australia.

“It has a side step built into the box; as a person who is 5 feet nothing, to be able to reach the cargo area – that ease of access, it really makes a difference.

“Making sure we get the balance and deliver him, personally, it’s very important that he delivers on what we promised. “

What would be your dream feature to do that doesn’t exist yet?

Pritika hastens to answer this one.

“Teleportation – it’s probably far in the future and right now it’s a bit of a dream.”

Ford Alert the global pickup world by revealing the smartest, most versatile and capable Ranger yet. Explore the revelation of the Next Generation Ranger and watch more on the design of Max Tran, chief designer, on where it all began.

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