Veteran Technical Engineer and Bluepoint Games Co-Founder Andy O’Neil Passes


Andy O’Neil, a games veteran and technical engineer who has worked on several memorable titles over the past two decades, has died aged 47 from undisclosed causes.

Originally from Birmingham, England, O’Neil has lived in the United States since the late 1990s in Austin, Texas. His first jobs in the industry were for Acclaim Studios, working on the Turok franchise, in particular Rage wars and Shadow of oblivion. He then joined Retro Studios, where he was the technical manager of the first two Metroid Prime Games. O’Neil is specifically credited for the Morph Ball movement for Samus, various weapon effects, and split-screen multiplayer in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. He would later become the principal engineer of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, before leaving Retro studios in 2006.

After leaving Retro Studios, O’Neil would be one of the co-founders of Bluepoint Games, along with Marco Thrush. Their first title, Explosion factor, was a launch game on PlayStation 3, but it would later lead Bluepoint on several remaster projects for Sony. These would include remasters of the God of the war and Solid metal gear franchises for the PlayStation 3, and more recently, Shadow of the colossus for the PlayStation 4. Bluepoint is a studio that, when you saw its name on an upcoming remaster or remake, assured you that it would be of the highest quality.

“Andy was instrumental in forming Bluepoint Games and his engineering prowess helped catapult a small two-person studio to where we are today,” the studio said on their Facebook page. “Andy, never afraid of challenges, pushed us to take on tough projects and exceed expectations. He reminded us that we do this job not because it’s easy, but because it’s difficult. He has always driven Bluepoint to do great things and will continue his legacy to us. “

O’Neil is survived by his brother Alistair, his half-brother David, his nieces Isobel and Lucy and his girlfriend Stéphanie.

May you rest in peace, Andy O’Neil. Please leave your comments below.

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