Unmatched technical support from JCP

Unmatched technical support from JCP
03 Aug 2021

JCP Construction Products, Owlett-Jaton’s specialty fastening division, is recognized as a brand that stands for quality and an ever-expanding product line. This includes its ranges of nylon frame fasteners and heavy-duty stainless steel anchors, which are backed by unmatched technical support and on-site product testing.

JCP offers a complete range of CE approved and ETA certified nylon frame fasteners, also rated R90 fire (90 minute resistance). Available in 8 mm or 10 mm diameters, with a nylon polyamide PA6 sleeve, the 10 mm diameter option is fire resistant up to 90 minutes for fixing facade systems to concrete.

Tested to ETAG 020 – multipurpose plastic anchors for non-structural applications – ETA proves that these nylon frame fasteners can be used for a range of solid and hollow base materials for multiple fasteners in non-structural applications . Base materials include cracked and uncracked concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, solid masonry, hollow or perforated masonry, and AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete).

Nylon frame attachment is available with Bright Zinc Plated Steel Countersunk Screw, Flange Hex Head Screw, and A4-70 316 Stainless Steel Countersunk Screw. Stainless steel screws are ideal for use. external, including marine environments. The countersunk head design provides a flush finish, with a TX drive providing fast and solid insertion, while the hex flange head design distributes the load over a larger area and is compatible with the respective sockets.

JCP has also expanded its offering of heavy-duty A4-316 stainless steel anchors by introducing hex and countersunk bolt types into its ever-expanding product line. The anchors are approved for use under C1 and C2 seismic actions and offer high tensile and shear resistance. Both are resistant to fire exposure from
30 to 120 minutes, with a fire classification of A1.

These two types align with the existing stud and nut type of the A4-316 Heavy Duty Anchor, which has the same criteria. The A4-316 stainless steel body allows the heavy-duty anchors to be used in indoor and outdoor applications, including marine environments.

To support the entire product line, JCP offers an Anchor Calculation Program (ACP), designed to simplify the specification of connections to floors, ceilings and walls, as well as load factors, spacing and distances to edges. The ACP is available on the JCP website and is free to download and accessible to everyone. CPA users simply enter data relevant to a specific application, and the program recommends corrections accordingly. It understands fire and earthquake requirements and can accurately suggest suitable anchors based on connection configurations.

The fastener brand has also invested in detailed animation videos, clearly showing how these fasteners should be installed correctly. Created with the end user in mind, JCP hopes the videos will support their customers when dealing with end users.

With the ever-changing demands of the construction industry and ultimately the needs of its customers, JCP’s support also extends to its highly experienced sales managers performing product testing on site, in throughout the UK, on ​​request. The construction industry has witnessed an increase in these demands and, in turn, site visits take place almost daily – performing pullout tests to demonstrate the suitability and capability of JCP products, as well as to ensure correct installation.

The test stand is attached to the fixture and the load is applied to the specified level, which determines the force of the application. At the end, the customer receives documentation justifying the request. This includes a report that records the loads achieved, the corresponding product datasheet for comparison, as well as a calibration report – proving that the results are true and accurate. Whether it is to meet a requirement of the building regulations or for more serenity, the sales managers of the JCP zone are there to advise customers.

Site tests are mainly carried out on new construction projects, but also include new work to extend an existing structure. Testing can be performed on any JCP branded product according to the respective specifications, which also take into account the relevant base material. This includes the wide range of CE and ETA affiliate products available from JCP.

Many contractors are now required to provide proof tests for fasteners. It is an expensive and time consuming practice. Proof tests, to validate the quality of the installation, may not be necessary if approved anchors are installed by trained operators working under supervision. JCP’s technical department offers installation training sessions for contractors and their staff.

Many JCP products are certified and regulated, including CE approved, ETA, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme), and fire rated products. All of this is backed by an excellent reputation, technical support and a wide range of packaging options.



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