TTD, MoU of Jio ink for technical services


Tirumala: The TTD on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding with Jio for technical support to provide all TTD services under one application.

The MoU was signed at Annamaiah Bhavan by Additional EO AV Dharma Reddy and representative of Jio Anish in the presence of TTD President YV Subba Reddy and EO KS Jawahar Reddy.

Speaking on the occasion, the president of TTD said that during the Covid situation, TTD servers faced technical issues when hundreds of thousands of worshipers attempted to book online at a time. Then Jio came for the support of TTD and facilitated the issuance of Darshan Srivari tickets without any problem for the devotees.

Last month, Jio also solved online server issues using cloud technology. Subsequently, Jio proposed to prepare a single application for all TTD and sevas services. This app makes it easy to book accommodation, darshan, etc. online. and the new application will be launched on the day of Vaikunta Ekadasi at their request.

He said that for the past five years, TCS has also provided free technical support to the IT wing of TTD. With Jio joining the team, improved IT services will be provided to the faithful, he said.

TTD Trust board member Pokala Shok Kumar, representatives of Jio BC Singh, Amar, Duggar, K Bharati, TTD IT wing manager Sesha Reddy and CIO Sandeep were in attendance.

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