Top US Cities for High Paying Software Engineer Jobs in 2022


Highest Paying Cities for Programmers, Software developers and engineers

Software engineers looking to earn over $200,000 in total compensation per year should know the best cities to earn the best compensation in the United States.

From cities in California and Washington state to New York and Massachusetts, the anonymous professional social network Blind analyzed the base salaries and total compensation of software engineers based on the US city in which they worked.

A software engineer’s total compensation typically includes their annual base salary and stock-based compensation, and in some cases, an additional cash bonus.

Blind found that many of the highest-paying cities for software engineers are in California’s Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, but many East Coast cities and places like Washington State aren’t. not too far behind. Although not among the top 25 highest-paying cities, places like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, Miami, Milwaukee, Newark, and Richmond, average pay in these places ranges between $150,000 and $195,000 for software engineers.

“Earnings data suggests the tech industry is expanding beyond major tech hubs,” San Francisco-based Blind said in its top-paying cities report.

Blind used data from its more than five million verified professionals using its platform. Cities are ranked by average total compensation, including salary, stock-based compensation, and cash bonuses.

Here are the top 25 US cities where software engineers can earn over $200,000 in average total compensation.


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