Technical support engineer at Audacy


In what ways does Audacy recognize, reward, and value successful employees?

As a large company, we are always looking for ways to showcase our team members. Our “President’s Circle” recognizes the most successful revenue generators in the organization. Audacy Rewards allows everyone in the organization to celebrate a colleague who exhibits behaviors associated with our values ​​of community, curiosity, creativity and courage. The ad is broadcast to the entire company and employees are awarded points which can be redeemed for prizes or merchandise. “[email protected]” is another way to celebrate team members. Audacy offers trips to our major events to the winners of internal competitions.

What is Audacy’s approach to work-life balance?

We have tremendous compassion and empathy for people’s personal lives. We prioritize employee well-being and building a realistic work-life balance. Anyone can reach out to their manager to discuss their needs, troubleshoot any issues, or ask for help prioritizing their workload. It is a very safe environment in which you can ask for what you need to thrive.

Managers don’t track your hours, it’s about getting your work done and being productive. We trust our teams to be there and get a lot done, but we also trust them to take all the time they need to have a successful family life. We believe that if you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t do your job well, and it’s important that we find that balance.

What social responsibility initiatives is Audacy involved in?

We unite with our team, listeners and customers to create positive impact through Audacy Serves and our six specific Pillars of Engagement:

● Diversity, equity and inclusion

● Mental health

● Civic education

● The environment

● Children’s health

● Veterans and Military

We use our voice to raise awareness of social issues, bringing communities together for good. Find out how in our 2021 Social Impact Report.

Who are you looking to recruit in 2022?

Currently, we are scaling our digital content and podcast teams. We are looking for exceptional talent with diverse lived experiences who can add unique perspectives, creativity and leadership.

We have vacancies in the following teams:

● Engineering

● Advertising sales and marketing

● Business development

● Analytics

● Product management

● Marketing of products


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