Technical Assistance Philippines – 7 Facts To Consider


A workforce of highly educated and hardworking young people, immersed in Western culture from birth, has made the Philippines the technical support outsourcing capital of the world. Every day, thousands of inbound calls are routed to young Filipino professionals eager to help your business grow its brand and image through superb technical support services.

The Philippines is experienced in outsourcing technical assistance services, and the island nation government is keen to continue developing the industry as a major export. If you are looking to cut costs while maintaining your reputation as a reliable provider of after-sales technical support, the Philippines has several advantages.

  1. A young population keen on technology

Ninety percent of the Filipino population is under the age of 55, making it an incredibly agile workforce that understands the technology and technical support requirements to resolve issues at far more affordable rates than their Australian counterparts.

They are hardworking, industrious people with a strong work ethic and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service on behalf of your business. They understand that your reputation is on the line with every call and will treat every customer with the respect they deserve.

  1. A world-class education system

Young Filipinos can work in a range of professions that can prepare them for a lucrative career in one of the many technical assistance companies in the Philippines. The level of education available in the Philippines does not compromise or cut corners. Each qualification is acquired and provides the training necessary to ensure that your business receives the highest level of customer service.

  1. The Philippines has the technological infrastructure

Whatever the capacity of a workforce, if the infrastructure is not there to support it, its quality will suffer. Fortunately, the Philippines has worked hard to create the infrastructure over the past 20 years to support its skilled workforce.

  1. Extensive cultural influences

While Filipinos are comfortable with Western culture, a long history of American, Japanese and Spanish domination and extensive trade with Asian countries has created a melting pot of cultural influences.

Such a dynamic mix of cultures, traditions and influences means that technical support in the Philippines is compatible with a wide range of clients and businesses and perfect for Australia’s high level of multiculturalism.

Communication is the key to success in the technical support industry in the Philippines, and this is another area where the Philippines excels. Filipinos are exposed to the English language from a young age. It is not difficult for technical support providers like PITON-Global in Manila to find talented people who can speak English as fluently as your customers, with an accent that is often referred to as neutral.

The cultural similarities also help create a clear line of communication that allows both parties to understand each other and quickly come to a solution.

  1. Affordable labor costs

More affordable labor costs for foreign countries are one of the main drivers of the growing technical support service industry in the Philippines.

Living on an hourly rate of $ 6 or $ 8 (AUD) is impossible in Australia, but in the Philippines it is a respectable salary. Workers hired by leading technical assistance outsourcing providers such as PITON-Global can achieve a high standard of living comparable to that of their Western peers on one-fifth of the salary. Western countries like Australia can take advantage of the wage gap to receive the highest level of technical support at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Time zones are not a problem

Providing 24 hour service is a huge advantage when it comes to providing the best customer service. Unfortunately, it is exceptionally expensive to provide such accessible technical support on the Australian coast.

The technical support industry in the Philippines is more than capable of providing support to your customers 24/7. Filipino employees can help you build your business reputation as a business that never lets customers down and is always ready to help no matter what time of day or night.

Filipino salaries which are typically 70% lower than in Australia allow companies like PITON-Global to create a 24/7 service window for your organization that is affordable, and also very professional, knowledgeable and experienced.

  1. Government support

The Philippine government is 100% committed to the continued growth of the outsourcing industry by providing tax and non-tax incentives to foreign investors.

Foreign business owners can take advantage of a range of incentives and guarantees to help accelerate the growth of businesses in the country. One example is the Data Privacy Act, which ensures that your data is secure as it is protected by international data privacy standards.

Another valuable source of support is the Philippine Economic Zone Act (PEZA), which provides for tax incentives, exemptions and other privileges.

PITON-Global is an award-winning technical support provider in the Philippines. The company understands what it takes to create successful technical support solutions in the country. In today’s 24/7 world, technical support that isn’t available after hours is unacceptable. PITON-Global offers a range of affordable technical support solutions outside of the Philippines that will enable your business to provide unparalleled customer support.


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