The British company “Engineered Arts” released another video of its humanoid robot Amek, which has recently become famous for being a robot that displays the most precise human expressions ever made.

While the previous video showed the robot awakening from a deep sleep, the new video shows him fully awake, and at one point, he is even blatantly “offended” by the intrusion into personal space.

The humanoid robot first follows the movements of the engineer’s hand in front of his face, then frowns and with a disgusted expression grabs the engineer’s hand and pulls it away from his face. So, he showed a clearly human trait, and that is the reaction to the disruption of personal space.

“It’s even starting to scare us,” they wrote in the description of the video.

Ameka for Eyes has high-resolution cameras that scan her surroundings and react accordingly, and she can smile, blink regularly, breathe in shock, scratch her nose, or even compete with a man.

The robot is still unable to walk, and PDF files on the Engineered Arts website show that all of Ameka’s movements are currently limited to the upper body, although the company expects the robot to be walking.

“The modular architecture allows for future upgrades, both physical and software, to enhance Ameka’s capabilities, all without the need to purchase a new robot,” said Engineered Arts.

Although she appears conscious, due to her detailed expressions and movements, Ameka is not blessed with full artificial intelligence. Instead, the robot can be seen as a platform for other companies to develop their own artificial intelligence software.


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