Sydney’s Best Technology Services launches BestCare On-Site Service Desk – Services


John McVicker (Best Technology Services)

Sydney-based Best Technology Services has launched a new support services offering for IT and telecom channel partners across Australia called BestCare.

BestCare provides on-site technology services such as network technology installation and support services, supported by some 200 engineers covering 80% of the Australian population.

The service covers any rack or shelf mounted network device that can be lifted by one person and is pre-configured. It also includes provision for a second device, a similar device installed in the same rack.

“What our partners have told us over the 20 years we’ve been in business is that we’re really good at providing great onsite services for partners, and they’ve told us they want a service guarantee and a price guarantee,” John McVicker, founder of Best Technology Services, told CRN.

“[Partners] need to know that the service they provide to their customers is predictable and the price at which it occurs is predictable.

Best offers channel partners fixed pricing, 24x7x365 availability for inquiries, guaranteed full services, pre-sales support, and reduced administrative burden for IT teams.

BestCare is sold through prepaid units for each service at a fixed price per visit, with tasks set to be completed within two hours but covered for up to four hours if needed. The units are valid for 12 months and come with various payment options, as well as a money back guarantee.

McVicker said that after 20 years of experience, an installation job or on-site support visit doesn’t always go as planned, hence the extra two hours are free if needed.

“Our average time on site is around 1.75 hours, which means there are some that have been completed, and there have been a small number of calls that have actually approached the four hour mark” , did he declare.

“We’ve listened to what the partner wants, because Best is all about the partner and how we can help them be more successful, and we’d be happy to take all that risk away from them, because it gives them a guarantee on the price and guarantees a good customer experience.”

The offer is presented as an extension of a Channel Partner’s IT team and also provides an option for those who wish to obtain the Best Care white label.

The service also sees Best joining in with a customer’s pre-sales to help close deals, promising predictable ongoing service revenue at around a 30% margin over RRP.

BestCare is available through 30 points of presence across Australia, primarily along the east coast and in Darwin, Perth, Bunbury and Adelaide. Regional points of presence cover up to 100 kilometers.


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