Solutions Engineer, Axios HQ –


What excites you about your products?

Our work, everything we do, is rooted in a commitment to put our readers first. Online users have access to more content than ever before. At Axios, we want to make sure that those who access our products read, hear and see the information that matters in the most efficient way possible.

How is communication going at Axios?

As a remote business first, Axios has mastered digital by fostering a team spirit with frequent employee check-ins on Slack. Axios values ​​transparency at all levels, including an anonymous weekly Q&A with its founders every Monday during the all-in-one meeting. Real-time feedback is at the heart of its culture and employees are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions openly.

Within a network of more than 250 employees, a new employee will be assigned to a small team and will work with them every day. But no feat is accomplished without collaboration between the Axios teams, which gives the Analytics & Insights team a chance to learn about the daily tasks of engineers, etc.

How does it feel to be employed at Axios?

It offers the stability of a large media company with the feel of a tight-knit team. This is partly due to the organization of our smaller teams, but Axios also makes it a priority to understand the needs of each employee. All new hires complete a “user guide” with specifications on their communication style, decision-making process and interests. This helps new employees acclimatize to our business in a seamless manner.

Axios encourages all employees to share their opinions and ideas about new processes or potential changes. As a workplace, Axios wants to make sure that all employees feel heard, and that connecting at work is something to look forward to.

Describe the technologists you are looking to hire at Axios.

A passionate, fun person who is team player and ready to take on challenges.


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