Senior Developer / Ruby on Rails Engineer at SUMMIT Africa Recruitment


As a senior developer, you are a born leader with great intuition and a
wide range of experiences from which to draw. Your passion is technology and always try to stay one step ahead
emerging industry trends, new methodologies and practices. You will have to bring them highly
sought-after development skills at the table, taking full ownership of a project while providing
leadership and direction to your team members and the business as a whole as we work together to
develop the best products to meet the needs of our customers.

The essentials
• An active approach to development by working closely with juniors and intermediates
• Produce high-quality, testable code that solves customer problems and meets business needs
• Be well versed in product development, strategy, programming fundamentals and
• The ability to take full responsibility for a project.
• Be able to solve problems and self-correct if necessary.
• Build, lead, support and coordinate the workflow of a team.
• A motivated leader who takes initiative and always follows best practices.

Technical elements
• 7 to 15 years of professional experience as a software developer or engineer.
• A demonstrable diploma, degree or self-study skills development with a good understanding of
how the systems work.
• The ability to develop software and co-create a product roadmap.
• Expert knowledge of Agile and Scrums methodologies.
• An understanding of DevOps principles would be beneficial.
• Good knowledge of hardware, software and networks.
• Experience working with Ruby on Rails is essential.

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