Rising Stars 2021: Enbridge Senior Engineer A “People-Focused Leader”


Editor’s note: we will all perform Rising Star Class of 2021 profiles over the next two weeks. Today, we present to you Justin deMontarnal.

As a former college footballer, Justin de Montarnal has always taken a collaborative team-based approach to his career in the oil and gas industry.

A senior engineer in the project engineering group of facilities at Enbridge inc., deMontarnal speculates that culture is the reason he has stayed in the projects for so long. “When you work in projects, you work as a team to achieve a common goal, which really matches my sporting experience. “

The University of Saskatchewan mechanical engineering graduate began his mid-term career at Spectral energy, which was subsequently acquired by Enbridge. After a passage in System Planning, which allowed him to fully understand the Westcoast Transport pipeline system, he joined the project implementation group.

“Over the past five or six years, my main focus has been on compressing the mainline on the development and execution side,” says the 30-year-old engineer. “I have installed several mainline gas turbine compressor stations and have worked on a number of mainline development projects, $ 1.5 billion and over projects. He recently completed the Silverstar Project, which provides another delivery point in northeastern British Columbia for producers in Montney.

As co-chair of the Calgary chapter of the Young Pipeline Association of Canada, deMontarnal also helped launch and coordinate the successful Avatar program in which teams of young energy professionals presented their solutions to today’s energy challenges. This year there were 270 participants from 65 different energy organizations, compared to 60 participants in the first year.

Describing himself as a “people-focused leader,” deMontarnal enjoys the fact that he now occupies a position where he leads projects and stakeholders and “really works with people” to support the business development team and them. clients.

“[It’s] understand not just the how, but the why we are doing something, ”he says. “It really gave me a more holistic view and it’s great… to work directly with clients and come up with something that works for them and for us. “

In his current role, deMontarnal must lead with influence and persuasion, instead of real power. “It’s really about getting people to buy in and do something that you need them to do, or that you want them to do, or something that maybe is in the best interest of the world. ‘Enbridge but not in the best interest of them individually and working through it,’ he said. said.

“It’s the most rewarding part of my job, but it’s also the most stimulating part of my job. “

Over the past two years, however, deMontarnal has tried to leave the Projects business unit to pursue new opportunities. Over the summer, he and his wife moved to Edmonton where he wants to work in the Enbridge Liquids Pipelines business unit.

“What really interests me in the long term is business development and corporate strategy and more the business aspect, the innovation aspect and less the specialized technical aspect,” he says. “What really excites me is the human aspect of the business, so really what I want to address is human leadership. Right now, I do this a lot in an indirect way, but I want to be more of a direct leader of people. “

For deMontarnal, what he prefers to call energy transformation, rather than energy transition, is taking a collaborative approach to solving the problems of climate change and decarbonization. “What I like to say whenever I talk about energy advocacy is that you can sit on the sidelines and throw grenades over the fence or you can actually take an active role and build the world you are in. want to work, ”he says. “And that’s kind of who I am and what I want to do, it’s probably also why I’m still in the energy business.”

In his work and in his community engagement, says deMontarnal, he tries to foster an “us and them” mentality rather than the “us versus them” mentality that he saw with energy advocacy in the oil and gas sector. .

“I think traditionally the industry has done a really good job bombarding people with facts, but we haven’t done a good job telling our story,” he says. “And it’s about leading with our heart instead of just our head and really connecting with people on a personal level.”

When it comes to innovation, “there are all kinds of amazing technologies,” says deMontarnal.

However, the biggest challenge to innovation, he suggests, is social. “It gets people to buy in, which comes down to that piece of persuasion and influence. I always hear it in my career: “That’s how we’ve always done it.

“And what I like to do is really challenge that and say, ‘Maybe there’s a better way to do it. “”

Rising stars: sponsors

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