Microsoft hires full-time software engineer at Microsoft | by Taniya Gupta | Jul 2022


Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing my journey from the Microsoft Engage Mentorship Program to landing a full-time software engineering job at Microsoft 🙂

let’s start

In October 2021, one fine morning, I received a direct mail from Microsoft which mentioned that my profile had been shortlisted based on my CV to apply for the Microsoft Engage Mentorship Program 2021. I was asked to fill out a form to share my acceptance and receive an online feedback link.

What is the Microsoft Engage Mentorship Program?

Microsoft Engage lasts 3 weeks (Nov. 8 to Nov. 26, 2021 for Engage’21) mentorship program for final and pre-final year engineering students across India to learn and improve their skills by being mentored by software engineers at Microsoft. This is a program specifically designed for tech enthusiasts to accelerate their growth and foster their relevant skills for success. Outstanding performance during the mentorship program could lead to an interview opportunity for the Full-time software engineer as well as internships at Microsoft, India.

Soon I received the test link and was able to completely solve the three coding questions. The questions were of difficult difficulty level and were based on tables, trees, graphs and dynamic programming. After a week, I finally received my selection as a mentee for Microsoft Engage 2021.

The mentorship program

During this period, I had the chance to interact with different executives and software engineers at Microsoft. I was also able to attend various AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with people from Microsoft. During this 3-week mentorship, all mentees are asked to work on a project under a given problem statement and are also assigned a mentor who is a software engineer at Microsoft to help and guide them through the process. achievement. Our year’s theme was build a working prototype of a platform that provides students with an array of digital academic and social tools to stay engaged with their studies, peers, and the wider academic community during the pandemicfind more details about the task on this website.

After two weeks, I received a letter from Microsoft stating that they wanted to advance my application to the interview stage, given my outstanding performance during the mentorship program.

The interview stage

There were a total of three rounds of interviews arranged for me. The interviews mainly focused on your problem-solving skills. In each interview, I was asked two or three coding questions based on topics such as arrays, strings, binary search, stacks, heaps, trees, as well as questions based on the fundamentals of coding. computing, basic system design questions, and behavioral situation-based questions. Overall, the interviews went pretty well for me, especially the last interview where I really enjoyed the technology-related discussion with my interviewer regarding my interest and work in this area.

The offer

After two days, I finally received the selection mail for the full-time software engineer position at Microsoft 🎉. I really can’t express my feelings after having this opportunity. I had tears of joy in my eyes while reciting the result to my family. I can’t thank God enough for every day and everything ❤️.


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