Metroid Prime Engineer says he was “a little disappointed” with the Wii specs


Metroid Prime Chief Technical Engineer Jack Matthews admitted he was “a bit disappointed” with the Wii’s specs.

When it comes to Nintendo exclusives, no series is viewed as positively as the Metroid Prime trilogy. Each entry in the Prime Trilogy has been hailed as one of the best games made by Nintendo, including Wii-exclusive Metroid Prime 3. Despite the game’s success, Jack Matthews, Senior Technical Engineer for the Prime Trilogy, admitted he was disappointed with the specs of the console.

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As reported by Nintendo Life, Matthews admitted when talking to Kiwi Talkz on the latter’s podcast. When asked why he left the studio, Matthews replied that it was not only due to the fatigue of Prime games, but also because of the power of the Wii.

Matthews said: “Honestly when the Wii came out, from a technical point of view I was a bit disappointed and that maybe also led to some of that fatigue, I really wanted to work on things. really cool and I think Bryan Walker mentioned it … but part of it really stood out to me, that technically staying with Nintendo was going to mean staying a bit in a box and a bit indented, and so creatively in as an engineer it was a creative problem for me. It was hard to justify. “


Later in the podcast, Matthews compared the power of the Wii to that of the GameCube, stating it as one of the reasons he left: “It’s easy to work in a box but when it is. the same box – and again, the Wii is basically very GameCube-like hardware. Now the controller was really cool and innovative, but I’m not a gameplay programmer, I don’t really do much in terms of gameplay, the closest to gameplay is working on the visors.

“And so for me, creatively, it really stung me a bit that on Prime 3 … Personally, I was very excited – and I know other people were – to work on this. that would have been next-gen hardware and then when that was sort of removed. “

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