Meet the hiring manager: Donal Hosey, Senior Manager Technical Support, VMware Global Support Services


Our Meet the hiring manager allows you to get to know the people who make the teams grow at VMware. You will learn about the career paths of our hiring managers and what they look for in candidates during the interview process. This week we would like you to meet Donal Hoseywhich is based in Ireland.

  • Profession: Senior Technical Support Manager
  • Years at VMware: Seven years
  • First job: At school, I worked in a mini-store in my hometown of Gorey, Wexford. We sold everything from toys to sporting goods to newspaper articles. It was a great customer service learning experience and taught me how to deal with the unexpected. After college, my first real job was to work in technical support for a payroll software company.
  • Fun fact: In my first support role, I asked the customer for their backups (it was a floppy disk system, I’m doing it myself!) And the customer produced a folder of photocopies of the data disk, taken every night as requested. “I was told to make a copy of the data disc every night”, a clear instruction but open to interpretation!
  • Favorite social distancing activity: Sitting on our terrace at home in the evening with a nice cold beer after finishing the day’s work.

VMware careers: Tell us about your professional background so far?

Donal: I have worked in IT for the past 30 years. I started in technical support roles, then moved on to project and people management roles. I have worked for the Musgrave Group, the Areva Group, Amazon and for the past seven years I have worked here at VMware, starting as a Support Manager on weekends. Working on the weekends was a great way to learn the VMware business as all products and issues invariably arise on weekends, being able to adapt to handle and resolve these situations was a fantastic challenge. Since then I have supported End User Computing, US IT support teams as TSM and TSM senior. I am now working with the EMEA Compute Premier / Success 360 and Production teams with over 60 excellent technical engineers, and we are looking for more people to join us!

VMware careers: How is VMware different from any other tech company you’ve worked for in the past?

Donal: VMware is a very dynamic place to work. It’s fast with constant growth, change and development. If you are looking to grow your career, VMware can and will support you through certification, personal and educational development, and plenty of career development opportunities.

Companies talk about having a good culture, but VMware employees live by our EPIC2 values ​​that support a fantastic culture throughout the company and within the communities where we operate. We support many local charities, schools and organizations not only financially but also with our time through our service learning program, which is a great support for our communities but a huge benefit for all employees who participate.

We worked from home during the pandemic and are now considering the WFH as part of our Future of Work initiative, making VMware a great choice for current and future employees who want to be able to choose how they work. to help them get a better quality of work. life.

VMware careers: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Donal: I love what I do, it’s the most important motivation for me. I love the fast-paced and ever-changing world that is VMware. We work with many of the world’s largest companies supporting their complex IT environments, so you never know what the day will bring. Boredom is never a problem with us!

VMware careers: What was the biggest lesson you learned as you progressed in your career?

Donal: Having provided training during my career, the biggest lesson for me is not to be afraid to ask questions, the only stupid question is the one not to be asked. If you are not sure, or if you are not clear on something, ask the question for clarification. I try to encourage my teams to ask questions, to challenge and to clarify, because ambiguity is the enemy of progress.

VMware careers: What makes the team you lead so effective?

Donal: We work with many different clients around the world every day, on a variety of challenges. Communicating clearly with these customers and with our colleagues is the key to our success and guarantees our efficiency. We strive to solve once and solve multiple, documenting solutions through knowledge-based articles and communities, while working with engineering teams to ensure code fixes are identified and applied. . This leads to plenty of opportunities within multiple teams with different skill sets needed for these interesting and challenging roles.

VMware careers: If someone reading this came to interview you tomorrow, what interview advice would you give them?

Donal: I have worked with many types of support engineers during my years in IT, the best engineers are those who have a mix of good technical knowledge and excellent client management skills. One of the best engineers on my team isn’t technically the strongest, but consistently brings great feedback from delighted customers. Bringing a great approach to supporting clients and a willingness to learn exciting new technologies will help make a candidate stand out for me.

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