Meet the hiring manager: Anit Kumar Panda – Manager, Technical Support – APJ & ME Global Services Support


Our Meet the hiring manager allows you to get to know the people who make teams grow vmware. You’ll learn about the career paths of our hiring managers and what they look for in candidates during the interview process. In this feature we would like you to meet Anit Kumar Panda.


  • Job title: Manager, Technical Support – APJ & ME Global Services Support
  • Years at VMware: 2 and 2 (years and months)
  • First job: I started my career in global technical support 13 years ago. And from day one, the goal was to improve the lives of our customers and provide them with a wowVScustomerXexperience, every day. Supporting clients in diverse regions brings a variety of social and cultural flavors to your life. Lots of learning every day.
  • Fun fact: For one of my job interviews, I forgot to take my resume and stationery, but I was selected for the role anyway and served a decade.
  • Favorite social distancing activity: We asked our childhood friends to get together virtually, eat and drink, while explaining one of the dishes they made for the reunion with their spouses and which dish was the best.


VMware Careers: Tell us about your professional background to date?

Answer: I’ve been in tech support for about thirteen years since the start of my career. VMware is the fourth technology company I have worked for. My first company was a service company where I spent about 14 months. Then I moved into a product-focused business and spent over eight years transitioning from an individual contributor role to a people manager role. Then I had a small period in a startup and the next destination, VMware. I just celebrated my two years at VMware last month!

VMware Careers: How is VMware different from any other technology company you’ve worked for in the past?

Answer: Coming here to VMware and having seen various other technology companies, I can confirm that VMware is one of the best places to work. From the company EPIC2 culture lives every day in its values. The company has a vision for growth and that really translates to the individual level, and everyone knows how it contributes to the larger goal. FoW (Future of Work) gives you the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance. As an organization, we place great importance on our DEI initiatives, and that makes me proud.

VMware Careers: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Answer: Providing world-class support and customer experience to our customers is my main motivation, every morning, day and night. I could have said “every day”, but I didn’t want to dilute the enthusiasm.

VMware Careers: What was the biggest lesson you learned as you progressed in your career?

Answer: People are the key to business. The team you work with is your immediate “family”, in my opinion. Unlike your own family, you stay together and work together. Likewise, as a team, we work together to make our customers’ lives better.

VMware Careers:What makes the team you lead so effective? (Prompts: Share the problem your team is solving and how your team members impact VMware’s overall goal)

Answer:My team is responsible for the end-to-end journey for customer issues related to VMware Carbon Black Product. My team is one of several spread around the world, with people in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, India and Dubai. Managing so many different regions is very interesting. And the people in these regions cover the whole of APJ and ME in supporting our customers’ business. Isn’t it amazing?

VMware Careers:What is your next career goal?

Answer:My next career goal is to expand coverage regions and increase client portfolios.

VMware Careers:What part of a Carbon Black Technical Support Engineer’s job is appealing?

Answer:What is attractive? – everything! Working with various technical clients who are CISOs, technicians, security administrators, architects provides many learning opportunities. Working in different regions gives exposure to various cultures. And working with customer issues further strengthens your technical stack and knowledge.

VMware Careers:If someone reading this came to interview you tomorrow, what interview tips would you give them?

Answer:It’s extremely simple: go to the VMware Carbon Black website and learn about our products and services. Improve your technical skills, search for a position in our team and apply to join us.

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