Kanata Selects WSP as Owner’s Engineer for Frog Lake Net Zero 0- Power Plant


CALGARY, ALBERTA – November 1, 2021 – KANATA Clean Power & Climate Technologies Corp (“KANATA”) is pleased to announce that WSP Canada Inc. (“WSP”) Has been selected to support and accelerate KANATA’s engineering and project development capacity as Owner’s Engineer for the Frog Lake – KANATA Power Plant Limited Partnership (“Frog Lake Power Plant”).

In partnership with the Frog Lake First Nation, KANATA intends to build a 300 MW natural gas powered, zero carbon power plant. As the engineer of the owner of the Frog Lake power plant, WSP will participate in the construction of the first Net zero electrical infrastructure using Allam Cycle technology. The use of this technology is an important step towards the decarbonization of electricity generation in Canada.

“WSP Canada is fully committed to supporting customers and communities throughout the global energy transition. In North America, energy decarbonization efforts must work in close collaboration with Indigenous leaders. As a major step in this process, WSP Canada is delighted to partner with Kanata Clean Power and Climate Technologies for the revolutionary Frog Lake power plant, ”said Daniel Matthews, WSP Project Director.

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The KANATA power plant will run on natural gas and produce zero carbon emissions.

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KANATA’s Frog Lake plant will be located at the center of its linked infrastructure platform, part of the global circular carbon economy.

WSP is one of the world’s leading professional engineering services consultancies, with significant experience in the production of oxy-combustion / supercritical CO2 energy and other decarbonization technologies. Vault is a highly experienced CCS project development organization with extensive expertise in the secure geological sequestration of CO2. The collaboration with WSP and Vault will allow KANATA to achieve its objectives for the Frog Lake project and for our other ongoing studies related to the Net Zero & Net Negative development of related infrastructure. Together, we will unlock significant economic and environmental benefits and support Canada’s energy transition, ”said Chad Gvozdenovic, Technical Director of KANATA.

To support the overall realization of KANATA Net Zero & Net Negative development of related infrastructures, WSP will work with KANATA and Vault 44.01 Ltd. (“Vault”) to study and develop innovative CO2 sequestration assets led by Aboriginal people. (See October 14 CarbonHub Announcement)

“As an Alberta-based company, Vault is excited to participate in ambitious First Nations-led projects. We look forward to bringing our experience with over 20 carbon sequestration projects across North America to the KANATA CarbonHUB and other developing opportunities with KANATA to create world-class carbon sequestration facilities, ”said said Scott Rennie, President and CEO of Vault.


Frog Lake First Nation is a Treaty 6 Cree speaking nation located in northeastern Alberta and the major shareholder of Frog Lake Energy Resources Corp, Canada’s largest Indigenous company. energy company. For more information visit: www.flerc.com or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


KANATA is a leading Canadian platform for the development and management of decarbonization assets, and a leading developer of Net Zero & Net Negative carbon-emission electricity infrastructure in Canada. For more information visit: www.kanataclean.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


As one of the world’s leading professional services companies, WSP provides engineering and design services to clients in the transportation and infrastructure, real estate and buildings, land and construction industries. environment, electricity and energy, resources and industry, as well as strategic advisory services. WSP’s global experts include engineers, consultants, technicians, scientists, architects, planners, environmental specialists and surveyors, in addition to other design, program and management professionals. construction. WSP’s talented employees are well positioned to deliver successful and sustainable projects. For more information visit: wsp.com.


Based in Calgary, Vault is a highly experienced CCS project development organization with extensive expertise in the secure geological sequestration of CO.2. Vault team members have been involved in the development of CO2 sequestration projects in North America since 2007, including TransAlta’s Pioneer project, Petroleum Technology Research Center (PTRC) Aquistore project, Shell’s Quest project and Carbon Management Canada’s field research station in the west from Canada. Vault’s goal is to enable cost-effective wholesale decarbonization of industrial emitters in Alberta and across North America through CCS.

For more information visit: safe4401.com.

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