GD will provide technical support to Abrams | Foreign company offers AN-158 to Ukraine


Bell Boeing won $24.3 million contract modification, which increases the scope to provide additional in-service support for MV-22 common configuration readiness and retrofit and in addition to repair. The V-22 Osprey is a medium-lift, common-service, multi-mission tiltrotor aircraft developed by Boeing and Bell Helicopters. Boeing is responsible for the fuselage, landing gear, avionics, electrical and hydraulic systems, performance and handling qualities. Work will take place in Pennsylvania and Texas. Completion is scheduled for June 2023.

General Dynamics won a $12.3 million prize contract modification for technical support of Abrams systems. The M1 Abrams is an American third-generation main battle tank. An upgrade of the Abrams M1A1 main battle tank, the M1A2 features an improved commander’s weapons station, independent thermal viewer, inter-vehicle information system, and improved position/navigation system. Work on the modification will take place in Michigan. The expected completion date is February 28, 2023.

Middle East and Africa

Aviation won $13 million OK, which provides pilot, enlisted aircrew and maintenance training support services as well as program management and administrative support services for the Government of Kuwait. Work will take place in Oklahoma and Kuwait. The expected completion date is March 2025.


The Ministry of Defense of Slovakia has received from the United States that delivery of the F-16s they have ordered will be delayed by 12 to 14 months. The Pentagon awarded a $799 million contract to Lockheed Martin to produce 14 F-16 Block 70 fighters in 2019. The jets will now arrive home in 2024.

A foreign company approached the Ukrainian state company Ukroboronprom supply the country’s Air Force with six Antonov AN-158 twin-engine passenger aircraft. Although these planes cannot participate in combat, they can perform special flights to provide everything the Air Force needs in wartime, Ukroboronprom chief Yuriy Husyev said in a statement. . The aircraft will first undergo maintenance and repair work.

Asia Pacific

India admitted that one of its BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles was accidentally fired at Pakistan on March 9. The missile was fired due to a technical malfunction during routine maintenance. According to Pakistan, the missile landed in an area called Mian Channu. No one was injured in the incident.

Today’s video

WATCH: Slovak Air Force student pilots train in Tucson for the transition to the new Block 70 F-16s.


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