BUNKER JOBS: Core Power Nuclear Company Seeks Marine Engineer


Nuclear energy company Base power is looking to hire a marine engineering manager to help develop nuclear reactors for the shipping industry.

The company is looking for experienced Mechanical or Marine Engineers for the Londonbased on a role, he said in a job posting on LinkedIn Tuesday.

Core Power is working on modular molten salt reactors that could be used as a zero carbon energy source for ships. The company would already have the support of several companies and individuals involved in the shipping industry.

“You will be directly responsible for supporting the entire engineering package of assets from the design phase through to commissioning,” the company said.

“You will contribute and support product development throughout the design lifecycle, coordinating internal and external resources, bringing together contributions from all relevant engineering disciplines (nuclear engineering, marine engineering, production and distribution energy, energy conversion, process engineering, etc.), with the objective of writing the specification, defining, selecting and integrating the various components of the platform, and providing technical support to our major customers, ensuring effective and efficient delivery of engineering results. ”

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