Axiota Animal Health welcomes a new director of technical services

The information below has been provided by dairy traders and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Axiota ™ is pleased to announce that Dr Sarah Stocks has joined her team as Director of Technical Services for her dairy business unit. Dr Stocks will be responsible for supporting all aspects of technical services including product research, consultation with dairy nutritionists, veterinarians and producers as well as field support for Axiota territory managers. His addition to the team will be essential as Axiota brings together two proven companies and products in its new dairy business unit.

“We are delighted that Dr. Stocks is joining our team. She brings a unique combination of expertise and experience in dairy nutrition and health that will help us better serve the dairy industry with our unique platforms that help cattle thrive during times of transition and stress. said Jimmy Owens, vice president of US dairy operations at Axiota.

Sarah received her bachelor’s degree in animal science from Cornell University and her master’s degree in dairy science from the University of Wisconsin, before earning a doctorate in animal science from Michigan State University. Dr Stocks has extensive research experience and is the author of several scientific publications. She resides in central New York.

Previously, Dr Stocks worked at Papillion Agricultural Company, providing herd assessments and nutritional decision-making services to sales managers, dairy nutritionists and producers. Previously, she served as a Freelance Dairy Nutritionist for Barton, Kiefer and Associates, LLC, and Dairy Technical Specialist at Diamond V Mills.

Axiota Animal Health is the new parent company of MULTIMIN® USA and MS Biotec®. Axiota’s dairy team was formed to focus on providing two proven technology platforms to the dairy industry. MULTIMIN® 90 is a prescription-only injectable trace element that provides an additional source of zinc, selenium, copper and manganese. Trace elements are the building blocks of the immune and reproductive systems and MULTIMIN® 90 provides a safe supply of trace elements by programmed injection. Lactipro® provides an immediate and viable population of Mega e® – a prolific rumen-native microbe that preferentially consumes lactic acid and produces butyrate. Please visit to learn more about the company and its products.

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