Australian universities join forces to commercialize clean technologies – News



The Trailblazer program rewards researchers who work with industry

The AUSTRALIAN University of New South Wales in Sydney (UNSW) and the University of Newcastle have received over A$200 million to help industry rapidly commercialize clean energy and recycling technologies.

The partners will establish Australia’s Trailblazer Recycling and Clean Energy (ATRaCE) program to research and develop technologies for chemical manufacturing, electrification, recycling, solar power and energy storage.

Nicholas Fisk, UNSW Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, said: “Our projects, partnerships and investments under this initiative will accelerate a decade of change in just four years and create a legacy of collaboration. industry-university. It’s truly national, with projects in metropolitan and regional areas, and in every Australian state and territory, and beyond.

The partners received AU$50 million (US$35 million) from ATRaCE, an additional AU$97 million from the universities themselves, and more than 20 industry partners, mostly SMEs, engaged more than 130 million Australian dollars. PwC’s analysis predicts that the technologies developed in ATRaCE will bring more than 50 new products to market and create 5,200 jobs.

Partners include the state-run Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization which will develop specialist facilities to support work on electrification and solar technologies.

Alex Zelinsky, Vice-Chancellor of Newcastle University, said: “This program will transform the way technology readiness, commercialization and industry-led research are prioritized, taught and rewarded at our universities, with opportunities targeted for university staff and students to succeed. .”

To accelerate innovation, the government’s Trailblazer program requires arrangements to be made to promote and better compensate research staff who work with industry to commercialize research, and use collaborative intellectual property agreements to attract industry.

Earlier this month, UNSW and the University of Newcastle agreed to set up an A$15 million innovation center aimed at accelerating technologies to decarbonize New South Wales.


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