AppleCare for Enterprise with on-site support from IBM Now Live


Earlier this year, Apple and IBM announced a major enterprise mobility partnership that would allow IBM to sell iOS devices to its corporate customers, build native industry-specific apps, deliver cloud services optimized for iOS and support a new AppleCare service.

IBM and Apple are now moving forward with their partnership, and Apple recently launched a new AppleCare website for business, suggesting that its promised enterprise-level AppleCare plan is now available to IBM’s enterprise customers.

As stated on the website, all AppleCare for Enterprise accounts are managed by an AppleCare Account Manager, which provides a personal link to AppleCare. Apple promises an hour’s response time for all urgent issues, with 24/7 IT-level support available by phone or email. All AppleCare for Enterprise customers can also replace 10% of damaged iOS devices, making it easy for businesses to replace iPads or iPhones accidentally damaged by employees.

As promised when announcing its partnership with IBM, Apple offers an on-site hardware repair service for AppleCare for Enterprise customers. While Apple processes all email and telephone inquiries, IBM Global Technology Services will provide on-site repairs.

You have the option of obtaining on-site service coverage for two or three years from the date of purchase of your hardware. If you experience a hardware problem during this time, AppleCare for Enterprise will help you get up and running quickly. Global Technology Services from IBM, an Apple Authorized Global Service Provider, will provide next business day onsite service.

The new AppleCare for Enterprise site comes just ahead of IBM’s first iOS enterprise apps. On Apple’s recent earnings conference call, Tim Cook said next month IBM will launch apps in six industries: banking, government, insurance, retail, travel, transportation and telecommunications.

Pricing for the Enterprise plans is unknown, but business customers wishing to learn more about Apple’s AppleCare for Enterprise plans are encouraged to contact their Apple or IBM account managers.

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