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Arch handyman Gustave Monce demonstrated Windows 11 running on a first-gen Surface Duo.

The Duo is known for being an Android device but, after showing that Windows 11 could be persuaded to run on a Lumia Windows Phone, Monce worked his magic on Redmond’s first effort at a foldable handset.

While Monce’s work on the Lumia 950XL was more of an intellectual exercise, getting both screens to work on the Duo is undeniably impressive. His adventures have been well documented on Twitter, with the engineer observe: “I think there might be a performance ~~gap~~ between this and the Lumia 950 XL. It’s crazy what 4 years has done in terms of SoC performance. Oh and the thermals are very good.”

“This SoC outperforms any official Snapdragon 850 laptop,” Monce said. noticed.

Unfortunately, we’re missing a Surface Duo 1 to try this (it doesn’t work on a Duo 2), and getting it to work isn’t for the faint of heart, judging by the repositories. It certainly takes a bit more effort than this writer put in to get Windows 11 to work on the Raspberry Pi-400.

It is also a work in progress. That all-important second screen only came to life over the weekend, and touch didn’t work (a mouse and keyboard were needed). There also seem to be some display issues, although nothing looks like a hitch. Otherwise, Windows 11 seems happy in its new home.

Other bits that don’t work include Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 and Windows Subsystem for Android. While the hardware, according to Monce, would be able to run the platforms, Qualcomm opted to disable the hypervisor. The result is WSL1 or nothing.

We asked Monce about power management and adding a dialer (or using mobile data) so the phone can be a phone as well as a neat tech demo. We’ll update if the developer responds.

In the meantime, when Microsoft next complains about the hardware requirements for Windows 11, it might be worth releasing a Surface Duo to demonstrate how arbitrary they seem.

Windows Phone is dead. Live Windows on a phone. ®


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