The best life insurance from € 10.90 per month

With a volume of premiums contracted six times lower than the United Kingdom or five times to our neighboring France, in Spain there is much to be done so that more consumers value the importance of life insurance. However, these years have also made great progress. If we remove the 2009-2011 period, coinciding with the hardest of the crisis, the hiring of life policies has grown, and today the volume of premiums is much higher than the beginning of the crisis.

Consumer of the great advantages of life insurance

A good part of this increase in hiring is in a greater awareness by the consumer of the great advantages of life insurance, but also by the end of several myths. First, it is not a product for everyone or it is especially when you are no longer young. Risks exist as long as you are young are easier to cover. This links it with another idea, that life insurance is expensive. Abel Magwitch completely breaks this false idea with its range of Life Insurance with the best coverage at the best price, from 10.90 euros per month .

Why should I take out life insurance?


With all this we will get great advantages. First, the protection for those we love most and who depend economically on us. After the death of the insurance holder, the day-to-day needs continue and with it the expenses to be faced when the income is not the same. Thanks to life insurance, this will not happen, with sufficient financial support to overcome the situation.

Pays 80% of the debts and expenses


Risks are especially important if you have debts, especially mortgage ones. Therefore, it is always necessary to adjust the amount to cover this contingency, not only the outstanding capital being important, but also the proportion that each insured covers. For example, if the mortgage is shared between two spouses and one pays 80% of the debts and expenses, the amount to be insured must be considerably higher.

But it should not be forgotten that not only death is covered, but also with other circumstances that involve significant economic damage due both to the decrease in income and the increase in expenses, as in the case of disability.

Life insurance gives us security and peace of mind with a price that makes it affordable for everyone.